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OPUS 12 Foundation - Honorary Board Members
This page features information on OPUS 12 Foundation's Honorary Board Members. Honorary Board Membership is a distinction and an honor bestowed upon individuals whose contributions to medicine and/or science were deemed to be above and beyond the call of their scientific duty. Honorary Board Membership is by invitation only and is awarded to up to five scientists once every year.
  • Dr Vicente H. Gracias - April 2007 - Invited to be the first Honorary Member of the OPUS 12 Foundation Board, Dr Gracias is an Associate Professor of Surgery, Section Chief of Surgical Critical Care, Director of Surgical Intensive Care, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Dr Gracias is a world expert in Surgical Critical Care and Neurotrauma Critical Care, with an impressive combined collection of over 100 peer-reviewed publications, published abstracts, books, chapters, and other publications.
  • Dr Michael L. Nance - May 2007 - Invited to be the second Honorary Member of the OPUS 12 Foundation Board, Dr Nance is an Associate Professor of Surgery and the Josephine J. and John M. Templeton, Jr. Chair in Pediatric Trauma and Trauma Program Director, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. In addition to his extensive pediatric trauma experience, Dr Nance maintains interest in all aspects of the care of the newborn or child, with surgical problems including congenital anomalies and oncology. Dr Nance has over 100 publications, abstracts, and book chapters.
  • Dr Anthony J. Dean - July 2007 - Invited to be the third Honorary Member of the OPUS 12 Foundation Board. Dr Dean has made tremendous scientific contributions to the use of bedside ultrasonography in the Emergency Department and in the Intensive Care Unit. He is an author of numerous scientific publications and is active in numerous national academic medical societies.

OPUS 12 is open to nominations for Honorary Membership to our organization. Nomination criteria are simple, as described above. When nominanting a potential Honorary Member, please email the nominee's CV and/or a list of scientific achievements to: stanislaw.stawicki@stawickifoundation.org

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